Wall Type Fly Trap

Product Name:  Wall Type Fly Trap

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Product Category:  Biosin Product Catalog

Wall Type Fly Trap

It is a product used in indoor and semi-open areas in the fight against black flies and mosquitoes, and is produced in accordance with the principles of ensuring maximum hygiene conditions.

Information and How to Use:

This product is related to the "UV-BL ultraviolet light adhesive fly trap used in closed and semi-open areas. The product attracts pests such as mosquitoes and houseflies with ultraviolet light and attracts them, destroying the approaching pest by placing it on the adhesive plate and subsequently, by ensuring regular control of the adhesive plate, the filled adhesives are removed." The pest trap, which continues its operation with changes, is also a control and detection device. It is ready for use. Before use, it must be removed to the protective tape on the adhesive plate. It works with 1 piece of 20 volt blue light fluorescent.